75 Pounds and Other things I enjoy about life

It’s been 22 weeks, maybe 23, I don’t always count so well. and I am down 75 pounds. I have worked my way through 2 belts so far, one with 7 notches, one with 4 and time to buy a new one…

It’s wonderful how great I feel these days. No more backaches, no having to remember to take my blood pressure medicine each morning…

Still no hunger, and no real cravings for anything, most days… the smell of bacon does make me  bit wistful sometimes, but sweets, and such are a thing of the past.

HCG rocks as a diet plan, that’s all I can say folks. If you need info, head over to Better Health HCG and Deb will take care of you.

My new granddaughter is now 1 week old as of last night. Irelynn Rose is her name. Not sure what we’ll end up calling her, but the name is cute and so is the munchkin! So I now have 1 grandson, 1 grandaughter, AND their mother past her nursing board exams the day before Irelynn was born, so I have an RN in the family too!

Feeling sluggish this morning, nasty cold, need to work myself up for another good rant soon… in the meantime… cya!

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