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— Again with the weight loss…

Between Labor Day 2010 and late-February 2011 I lost over 80 pounds using hCG and following the protocol through several cycles.
During that time I also went from using a rather strong blood pressure medication, to not needing it at all according to my Doctor, within the first 3 weeks of following protocol.
However, in March of 2011 Doc ran my lab work and discovered a problem, my cholesterol was TOO LOW, total of 104! Not a bad problem to have you would think, right? Apparently though, if your HDL (Good Cholesterol) drops below 35 you are at risk for a heart attack, and mine was there, at 35.
In the process of experimenting with various food combinations, attempting to raise the cholesterol, I started to put on a few pounds… then a few more. By September I had my HDL up to 60, total Cholesterol back in the 130’s, but had regained 50 of my lost 81 pounds.
While I did regain some weight, I didn’t regain much of the waist. Clothes I had bought to replace the stuff that was too big still fit, a little snug at times, but it fit, so that was good… most of the people I work with didn’t even notice I had gained again.
So, with everything under control lab work wise, I played around with my food combinations and kept my weight stable for a few months, and, on March 31st, I started the drops again, and on April 2nd I was back on the low-calorie days. Since that weigh in on April 3rd I have now, 30 days later, lost 30 pounds. Only 20 left to go to be where I was, but only 10 days left on the cycle. Hoping to lose 6 more pounds (to make up for the weight I gained while loading those first two days). Then, 3 weeks of phase 3, 4 weeks of phase 4, at the end of which I will hopefully have gained nothing back, and even better, perhaps dropped a few more pounds.
Once I get there, the end of June, I’ll decide whether to go a short phase 2 round (3 weeks) or to begin my next journey, the Paleo Lifestyle (Diet as some call it).
Ideally, I want to get down to around 220 pounds, maybe even 210. I’m 6’3”, I think that should be good enough, and I’ve been so heavy for so long, that I’ll feel like I’m walking on air.
Going forward, I plan to make regular updates, weigh ins, food lists, recipes, etc, and chronicle my little stroll down the Paleo Brick Road.


Leave the past in the past; you’ll appreciate it more


And here we go again…

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  1. Finished the round at 33 pounds.
    Holding steady, and almost time to start the next round. We postponed it to coincide with a trip, no one wants to try to ‘diet’ while on a mini-vacation.
    Loading this coming weekend, and I’ll be staying on the HCG LCD’s until mid August. About 9 or 10 weeks, until just before a little trip to Providence. Hoping to average between 5 and 6 pounds a week. A 50 pound loss would be really nice… then settle that in, I could see Christmas at my goal with another short round…

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