— Again with the weight loss…

Between Labor Day 2010 and late-February 2011 I lost over 80 pounds using hCG and following the protocol through several cycles.
During that time I also went from using a rather strong blood pressure medication, to not needing it at all according to my Doctor, within the first 3 weeks of following protocol.
However, in March of 2011 Doc ran my lab work and discovered a problem, my cholesterol was TOO LOW, total of 104! Not a bad problem to have you would think, right? Apparently though, if your HDL (Good Cholesterol) drops below 35 you are at risk for a heart attack, and mine was there, at 35.
In the process of experimenting with various food combinations, attempting to raise the cholesterol, I started to put on a few pounds… then a few more. By September I had my HDL up to 60, total Cholesterol back in the 130’s, but had regained 50 of my lost 81 pounds.
While I did regain some weight, I didn’t regain much of the waist. Clothes I had bought to replace the stuff that was too big still fit, a little snug at times, but it fit, so that was good… most of the people I work with didn’t even notice I had gained again.
So, with everything under control lab work wise, I played around with my food combinations and kept my weight stable for a few months, and, on March 31st, I started the drops again, and on April 2nd I was back on the low-calorie days. Since that weigh in on April 3rd I have now, 30 days later, lost 30 pounds. Only 20 left to go to be where I was, but only 10 days left on the cycle. Hoping to lose 6 more pounds (to make up for the weight I gained while loading those first two days). Then, 3 weeks of phase 3, 4 weeks of phase 4, at the end of which I will hopefully have gained nothing back, and even better, perhaps dropped a few more pounds.
Once I get there, the end of June, I’ll decide whether to go a short phase 2 round (3 weeks) or to begin my next journey, the Paleo Lifestyle (Diet as some call it).
Ideally, I want to get down to around 220 pounds, maybe even 210. I’m 6’3”, I think that should be good enough, and I’ve been so heavy for so long, that I’ll feel like I’m walking on air.
Going forward, I plan to make regular updates, weigh ins, food lists, recipes, etc, and chronicle my little stroll down the Paleo Brick Road.

One thought on “— Again with the weight loss…

  1. Jim Williamson Post author

    Finished the round at 33 pounds.
    Holding steady, and almost time to start the next round. We postponed it to coincide with a trip, no one wants to try to ‘diet’ while on a mini-vacation.
    Loading this coming weekend, and I’ll be staying on the HCG LCD’s until mid August. About 9 or 10 weeks, until just before a little trip to Providence. Hoping to average between 5 and 6 pounds a week. A 50 pound loss would be really nice… then settle that in, I could see Christmas at my goal with another short round…

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