Back to the World

It’s been a crazy few months, and most things written here are locked away, they’re for me, more of a personal journal, not for public consumption.

Chad Grimm, the Libertarian candidate for Governor of Illinois, lost of course. I didn’t expect he’d win, but a stronger showing would have been nice. Too many people still buying into the same old crap. They ‘have to vote Republican or Democrat’ the ‘Lesser of the Two Evils’ even when they self identify as Libertarians, or confess that they want what the party stands for. Still, they buy the bullshit, and vote for Evil, in one form or another. They don’t get it, and this time next year, those that voted for Rauner will be bitching about it, but it will be too late. The lesser of two evils is still evil, yea? So you get what you voted for.

On another front, I’m well into my first term working on this BS degree, emphasis on IT Security. 2 classes finished, 2 exams coming up, and hoping to squeeze 2, maybe 3 more courses in this term. Western Governors University is perfect for me. I work at my own pace, when and where I have time. Schedule my exams, and off I go. They’re all proctored of course, but all good so far. One new IT certificate for the wall already, and a dozen more on the way.

Last April saw me in the hospital, 321 pounds, and having heart issues.. go figure.. what the F* happened? how did I get there? It just crept right on, but now it’s December, and most of it’s gone, back down in the 240’s, and aiming for 220 by April, I figure 100 pounds in a year is enough, and it’ll have the Doc off my ass. At 6’3”, 220 is just fine, I don’t care what the charts say.

I just spent a week at the Occidental Grand Xcaret Resort with my amazing wife, and one of my sisters and her husband. All I can sat is, it was AWESOME, and we’re already planning next years trip. Maybe the same place, but I think a lot of it had to do with the company. I don’t think it matters where the 4 of us go, we’re going to have a good time together. We all just click well.

All of the above are fodder for longer posts, but I just felt like spilling something out this evening, taking a break from the studies, and needed something to ‘dump the brain’, so this was it.



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