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More socially retarded by the day…

With each passing day it seems our world grows smaller, yet more socially retarded.

This past week I was witness to a repeat of something that had happened to me personally a couple of years ago.

My youngest daughter, Grace, standing in the dining room with a shocked look on her face.. (I should mention, for sake of clarity as I tell the story, she is not my bio-daughter) as she reads, on Facebook, that her grandmother, her biological sperm-donor’s mother, is in the hospital.
No one called her to tell her, she only found out hours later when she happened to check Facebook on her phone. Her aunt had posted it. 
Grace was upset, immediately worried about her grandmother. I, on the other hand, was pissed. When did it become acceptable to blurt something like that out on social media without at least telling the family first? If the grandmother had died in the fall that sent her to the hospital would it still have hit Facebook that way rather than a phone call? I somehow get the feeling that the answer to that question is yes.

Some people crave attention above all else. They must immediately, when opportunity presents itself, scream “Look at me! Look at me!”. Anything that will draw that attention is fair game, good, bad, indifferent. They must announce it to the world and smile profusely as the number of ‘Likes’ and comments roll in… The more the better. 

A couple of years ago my own grandmother was rushed to the hospital, and my own aunt had it out on Facebook before word got around to the rest of us.. the only time I have spoken to her since then was at my grandmother’s funeral. I have little use for shit like that.

No consideration of the feelings of others. No thought to how they might feel reading such personal news on such a public platform, while strangers, ‘friends’ of the person making the post, comment on it. How many of those ‘friends’ are even friends? Look at your friends list on Facebook. How many of those people do you honestly know? I see people with hundreds and thousands of Facebook friends, yet outside of Facebook they barely interact with anyone., barely know anyone. They barely interact with their own families, yet spill their most personal things out for attention from these cyber-friends to comment on.

I am so frustrated by this that I totally lost the train of thought I was working on and seem to have resorted to rambling and babbling…

I guess, what I want to say is, Think Before You Post. 
Is what you are about to spill publically something others might need to know in private first?
Do you really need the attention? 
Is your life that shallow that you require the commiseration, or approval, of people you only know as an icon next to a name at the expense of the feelings of your Family, and Real Friends?

If you answered yes to that last question, and I’m on your friends list, expect I won’t be for long. Expect also that your own family probably has little use for it as well.

Back to the World

It’s been a crazy few months, and most things written here are locked away, they’re for me, more of a personal journal, not for public consumption.

Chad Grimm, the Libertarian candidate for Governor of Illinois, lost of course. I didn’t expect he’d win, but a stronger showing would have been nice. Too many people still buying into the same old crap. They ‘have to vote Republican or Democrat’ the ‘Lesser of the Two Evils’ even when they self identify as Libertarians, or confess that they want what the party stands for. Still, they buy the bullshit, and vote for Evil, in one form or another. They don’t get it, and this time next year, those that voted for Rauner will be bitching about it, but it will be too late. The lesser of two evils is still evil, yea? So you get what you voted for.

On another front, I’m well into my first term working on this BS degree, emphasis on IT Security. 2 classes finished, 2 exams coming up, and hoping to squeeze 2, maybe 3 more courses in this term. Western Governors University is perfect for me. I work at my own pace, when and where I have time. Schedule my exams, and off I go. They’re all proctored of course, but all good so far. One new IT certificate for the wall already, and a dozen more on the way.

Last April saw me in the hospital, 321 pounds, and having heart issues.. go figure.. what the F* happened? how did I get there? It just crept right on, but now it’s December, and most of it’s gone, back down in the 240’s, and aiming for 220 by April, I figure 100 pounds in a year is enough, and it’ll have the Doc off my ass. At 6’3”, 220 is just fine, I don’t care what the charts say.

I just spent a week at the Occidental Grand Xcaret Resort with my amazing wife, and one of my sisters and her husband. All I can sat is, it was AWESOME, and we’re already planning next years trip. Maybe the same place, but I think a lot of it had to do with the company. I don’t think it matters where the 4 of us go, we’re going to have a good time together. We all just click well.

All of the above are fodder for longer posts, but I just felt like spilling something out this evening, taking a break from the studies, and needed something to ‘dump the brain’, so this was it.



— Again with the weight loss…

Between Labor Day 2010 and late-February 2011 I lost over 80 pounds using hCG and following the protocol through several cycles.
During that time I also went from using a rather strong blood pressure medication, to not needing it at all according to my Doctor, within the first 3 weeks of following protocol.
However, in March of 2011 Doc ran my lab work and discovered a problem, my cholesterol was TOO LOW, total of 104! Not a bad problem to have you would think, right? Apparently though, if your HDL (Good Cholesterol) drops below 35 you are at risk for a heart attack, and mine was there, at 35.
In the process of experimenting with various food combinations, attempting to raise the cholesterol, I started to put on a few pounds… then a few more. By September I had my HDL up to 60, total Cholesterol back in the 130’s, but had regained 50 of my lost 81 pounds.
While I did regain some weight, I didn’t regain much of the waist. Clothes I had bought to replace the stuff that was too big still fit, a little snug at times, but it fit, so that was good… most of the people I work with didn’t even notice I had gained again.
So, with everything under control lab work wise, I played around with my food combinations and kept my weight stable for a few months, and, on March 31st, I started the drops again, and on April 2nd I was back on the low-calorie days. Since that weigh in on April 3rd I have now, 30 days later, lost 30 pounds. Only 20 left to go to be where I was, but only 10 days left on the cycle. Hoping to lose 6 more pounds (to make up for the weight I gained while loading those first two days). Then, 3 weeks of phase 3, 4 weeks of phase 4, at the end of which I will hopefully have gained nothing back, and even better, perhaps dropped a few more pounds.
Once I get there, the end of June, I’ll decide whether to go a short phase 2 round (3 weeks) or to begin my next journey, the Paleo Lifestyle (Diet as some call it).
Ideally, I want to get down to around 220 pounds, maybe even 210. I’m 6’3”, I think that should be good enough, and I’ve been so heavy for so long, that I’ll feel like I’m walking on air.
Going forward, I plan to make regular updates, weigh ins, food lists, recipes, etc, and chronicle my little stroll down the Paleo Brick Road.

Leave the past in the past; you’ll appreciate it more

So, here’s the thing folks, sometimes those fond memories of the past should remain just that, memories, and in the past. Back when, long ago, in the ancient days of Jr. High and High school, I created a lot of fond memories. I wasn’t ‘Joe Stud’ by a long shot, but I did work my way through a bevy of young ladies, all reasonably attractive, and of moderate intelligence. They were kid flings mostly, you know what I’m talking about, 12-16 years old, in the 70’s… we were not remotely like the kids of this century. Dating was different, long term was not in our vocabulary, at least not the guys… some of the girls had the starry eyed daydreams of marriage and family life, but mostly we were all just there for the fun… learning the ropes, and playing at being grown-up.

I still recall those first few girlfriends, and the first few fumbling attempts at sex at a precocious 12 and 13 years old. I recall even more fondly the improved attempts my freshman year.. and life got better with age…

What I also recall fondly is those lovely young ladies, most of whom I continued to be friends with through High School and beyond.. but the tail end of High School is now almost 30 years gone, we’re all in our middle to late 40’s now and outside of a few class reunions I have not seen most of these women in well over 20 years. So, with that big 30 year reunion looming up next year, I got wistful, wondering what happened to them all… I’m not looking for rekindled romances, just curious what became of the people I spent my formative years with. So, I started searching for them. Some were in my class, some a year or two ahead, some a year or two behind. The ones from my graduating class I could find easily enough, through the reunion website. Others I could find on and that dreadful horror they call Facebook. I’m so glad I deleted my Facebook account…

So, off to the reason I started this post… I did manage to reach out to some of these old flames, and to quite a few of the guys I knew back then too. Some are doing well, but some have shattered those memories… in some cases, quite scarily.

A woman I haven’t seen in almost 20 years, who I haven’t dated in over 30, and only recently ran into, via this accursed internet, is now sending me text messages, with pictures of herself, rather revealing ones… and what they reveal is not anything I want to see. I’d burn my eyes out if I thought it would help… and of course her comment that came with the pictures?  “Not bad for 47, huh?”

I lied of course, I don’t want to hurt her feelings, but the only way the statement might have been true was if she had said 57 instead, and that still may have been stretching it…

Some people just don’t take care of themselves.. and sometimes you’re better off with those old memories than finding out the truth.

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