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Raise the minimum wage in Illinois?

Illinois must not impose any minimum wage increase. Businesses in Illinois are still struggling to recover from the deepest recession since the great depression. Illinois’ unemployment rate is stubbornly high at 9.2%, nearly 2 points higher than the U.S. average. Since 1.4% of Illinois workers earn minimum wage, increasing the mandatory minimum would have an adverse effect on the unemployment rate. I am opposed any measure that will increase unemployment or harm our businesses.

The economics of increasing in the minimum wage during a down economy are simple: when something costs more, people purchase less of it – including low-skilled labor. I believe the current minimum wage benefits those that it is intended to benefit and increasing it may be detrimental to their continued employment.

Our elected officials continually see legislation to increase the minimum wage. They must remain vigilant in their efforts to oppose those bills – and make it clear that such increases will drive more jobs out of Illinois and threaten our small businesses.

One of my own daughters is one of those minimum wage employees. This is not some arbitrary decision on my part, it is well thought out. It would be nice if she made more money, and she will, eventually, but not at the risk of further damaging our economy for the sake of garnering a few votes. Shame on Quinn, because that’s all this is, a tactic to scrounge up votes.

Uphill battle for the Libertarians in Illinois

There’s a group of 7 Libertarians who want to run for office and clean up the great state of Illinois, but the Democrats and Republicans don’t want that to happen.

They have us right where they want us, under their collective thumb.

The Libertarian Party of Illinois has collected over 43,000, more than double what was required, and the D&R bunch is seeking to eliminate as many as possible of those, to keep the Libertarians off the ballot.

What are they afraid of? Most likely it’s the fact that Illinoisans are waking up, and are tired of the same old bullshit in Springfield.

Half of Illinoisians are ready to move out of state

According to a recent Gallup Poll, HERE fully half of the people living in Illinois would rather live someplace else.

Why is that you ask? I’m sure one of the reasons is that the state is so poorly managed, and is currently 6.7 Billion dollars in debt.

How did we get that for in the hole? I’d suggest asking our current Governor, but he obviously has no clue, see my post from early this week… we’re so far behind he seems to think we’re ahead.

I’d say ask our previous governors, but you’ll need a pass to visit half of them in prison… that’s right, they were so corrupt that 4 of them are, or have been, serving prison sentences.

Now, look forward to this fall… we have a choice, the apparent imbecile we know, Governor Quinn who thinks he’s doing a good job (or is an incredible liar) or his Republican opponent, Mr. Bruce Rauner, a man who won’t answer a lot of direct questions, in true politician style, or who has already flip-flopped on more than one subject, telling everyone what they want to hear, even if it contradicts something he already said.

Rauner appears to have plenty of skeletons in the closet, Quinn can’t seem to tell a loss from a profit, and wants to raise our taxes permanently.

That, for me, leaves two options. One? Flee the state, move to Missouri or Texas. Two? Support and vote for Chad Grimm, and watch him do for Illinois what Gary Johnson did for New Mexico as a Libertarian Governor.

I love my little home here, my family is mostly here, I’d rather stay than go, so Grimm is my last hope. If he doesn’t win, I’m packing up the house, hanging a for sale sign and headed across the river.

It’s an election year, and the robo-calls are starting

Even if you are on the National Do Not Call List, run by the US Government’s FTC, charities and political organizations are still allowed to call you on your landline (house phone)

I think that’s wrong. You should be able to opt-out of being bothered by those folks too. In fact, it should be Opt-In only. If you do not specifically give them permission, they should not be bothering you.

Before the Illinois Primaries this year I was constantly bombarded by Bruce Rauner’s organization. The thing was, they were calling my cell phone, since we do not have a landline. That was the catch, because apparently it’s illegal to place robocalls to cellphones except in limited circumstances: when the calls are made for emergency purposes, or when they’re made with the prior consent of the recipient.

FCC enforcement chief Travis LeBlanc said the commission is "committed to protecting consumers from harassing, intrusive, and unwanted robocalls to cellphones, smart phones, and other mobile devices."

So, if you start receiving those unwanted calls, or text messages, on your cell phone, please do not hesitate to file a complaint by Clicking HERE

Be sure to note in the comments that it’s a cell phone that is being called.

Contact the party responsible, if possible, and demand that they stop calling you. I had to contact Rauner’s group more than once, and eventually send them a Facebook message threatening action if they did not stop harassing me with their unwanted calls.

With what may be a tight gubernatorial race in Illinois this year, he (Rauner) will be using that tactic again, you can count on it.

Illinois’ Governor doesn’t seem to get how math works

Governor Pat Quinn recently stated that we need to keep this ‘temporary’ income tax increase, and make it permanent. While making that statement he also said that Illinois had PAID DOWN it’s debt by 5 Billion dollars over the past few years.

“This is a turning point in Illinois fiscal history. We’ve been able to pay down our bills by $5 billion in the last few years. Our economy is doing better. It’s so important that we have a budget that moves our state forward,” he said.”

That little tidbit of information might be nice to hear, except that in June of 2012 the Illinois Auditor, Gerald Holland, released a report saying that Illinois’ budget deficit had reached 43.8 billion dollars, double what it had been 5 years previous.

In March of this year (2014) Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka released a report that put the Illinois deficit at 45 Billion An increase of 1.2  billion over the past 2 years.

Governor Quinn may be technically correct, we may have paid 5 billon worth of debt off in the past few years, but it appears we have still managed to dig ourselves deeper in the red despite that fact.

I’m giving the man a D for math, and a B+ for political spin.

Obviously his tactics are not working, and it’s time to replace him with someone with new ideas. Ideas that will work.

Illinoisans, you have a choice, and the right to choose. Take a look this year at Chad Grimm, you can find his Facebook page HERE

While you’re at it, take a look at the rest of the Libertarian Candidates for Illinois in 2014 HERE

People go over the top sometimes when it comes to politics

I just accidently engaged in idiocy. I mistakenly argued, pointlessly, with a Republican fanboi. I understand supporters, yea, but people who just blindly leap in and defend their political idols without paying attention scare me.

I complain about multiple robo calls, which I had requested be stopped. My requests were ignored, so I went to the candidates Facebook page and complained, vehemently. The response from the fanboi? ‘Everyone else does it’.  That is not an acceptable excuse. We’re talking about a guy wanting t run for Governor of Illinois. If he does what ‘everyone else does’ in that regard, then we can expect him to run the state further into the ground, and end up in prison. That seems to be what most of our recent previous governors have done.

I suppose though, that since ‘everyone else does it’ that the fanboi will consider that to be okay.

I wouldn’t have paid much attention to him if he hadn’t claimed he could ‘see right through me’ and implied I was some sort of liberal democrat… at that point I realized I was dealing with some sort of mentally unbalanced individual. He did indicate he was from Chicago though, and any Republican living in Chicago and having to deal with the crazy bullshit that is the Democrats up there is entitled to being a little unhinged.

Minimum Wage increase?

There is an article (click here) that you should read, that covers quite a bit of reality about the minimum wage. The article contains facts you should know.

So I make well above the minimum wage, and the whole thing shouldn’t affect me. Or should it?

I keep reading posts, and articles from people pushing for this increase. I don’t get it. I just don’t.

Do these people not understand the impact of what they are suggesting? Suppose a small business that currently employees 7 people at the $7.25 minimum has a budget for payroll of $100,000. Those 7 people at minimum wage, if they work full time, with no benefits, just their hourly wage, cost the employer $105,560. They are already over budget.

Now, raise the minimum wage to the demanded $15 an hour. That same scenario would cost $218,400. However, without raising the price of their product, the company still ahs the same $100,000 budget. So, what do they do? They keep the 3 best workers, at a cost of $93,600 and hope they can still keep things running. The other 4? They end up in the unemployment line, until unemployment runs out, then they go on welfare.

Why do they go on welfare instead of finding another job? Not because they are lazy, or untrained, but because they are not the only 4 people looking for work, the unemployment rate is going to sky-rocket because this same scenario is playing out all over the country.

The other option for employers is to raise the cost of goods and services to cover the new required wages. Payroll has more than doubled, so the cost of these goods or services is going to increase by a dramatic margin, maybe as much as 75 to 100%.

Now that $10 item you wanted? It costs $17 to $20. Your minimum wage check is not going any farther than it did before because even though you’re making twice as much, you’re now spending twice as much. Oh, but wait, all those folks on welfare? Guess what? The Feds need to raise your taxes to come up with the money to provide that welfare, so now, you’re tax rate just went from 10% to 15% (or more) meaning you have even less left over.

Conservative Libertarian

For a while, I didn’t think it wise to discuss politics, it’s such a volatile subject. I’ve changed my mind, screw it, I have as much right to voice my opinions as everyone else, and those that are offended don’t have to read it, no one is forcing them to.

I’m a Libertarian. I can find common ground with some of the Democrats, and more with some of the Republicans. I find that the older I get, the more conservative I am in some areas, and seem to be a ‘Conservative Libertarian’ now. That’s really a subjective title though, because what I’m conservative leaning on, may not be the same thing other Libertarians are conservative about…

I started to draft a nice long article here about what the Libertarian party is, and what it stands for, but I have found an article that provides a wonderful unbiased view.

Please take a little time and read it

If you find that you can relate to most of the views expressed in the article, please consider voting Libertarian.

I know the arguments against it. I frequently hear “It’s a wasted vote” or “It won’t do any good”. This could not be further from the truth however. A wasted vote is one not cast, or one cast for the ‘Lesser of two evils”. If you believe in what the party stands for, but vote Dem or Pub instead, then you have wasted your vote, wasted your chance to support your own beliefs.

The Libertarian Party stands a chance if people will stand up for what they truly believe.

As the old saying goes, if you continue to do what you have always done, you will continue to have what you’ve always had. Add to that the humorous definition of insanity “Continuing to do what you’ve always done, and expecting different results.”

Check to see what upcoming elections you have in your area, whether city, county, state or federal, and then look to see if there is a Libertarian running for office. Find out where they stand on what’s important to you, and if you find you’re of like minds, work to put them in office.

You can be an agent of true Change, not the change that was promised us by President Obama that turned out to be ‘something else’.

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