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For a while, I didn’t think it wise to discuss politics, it’s such a volatile subject. I’ve changed my mind, screw it, I have as much right to voice my opinions as everyone else, and those that are offended don’t have to read it, no one is forcing them to.

I’m a Libertarian. I can find common ground with some of the Democrats, and more with some of the Republicans. I find that the older I get, the more conservative I am in some areas, and seem to be a ‘Conservative Libertarian’ now. That’s really a subjective title though, because what I’m conservative leaning on, may not be the same thing other Libertarians are conservative about…

I started to draft a nice long article here about what the Libertarian party is, and what it stands for, but I have found an article that provides a wonderful unbiased view.

Please take a little time and read it

If you find that you can relate to most of the views expressed in the article, please consider voting Libertarian.

I know the arguments against it. I frequently hear “It’s a wasted vote” or “It won’t do any good”. This could not be further from the truth however. A wasted vote is one not cast, or one cast for the ‘Lesser of two evils”. If you believe in what the party stands for, but vote Dem or Pub instead, then you have wasted your vote, wasted your chance to support your own beliefs.

The Libertarian Party stands a chance if people will stand up for what they truly believe.

As the old saying goes, if you continue to do what you have always done, you will continue to have what you’ve always had. Add to that the humorous definition of insanity “Continuing to do what you’ve always done, and expecting different results.”

Check to see what upcoming elections you have in your area, whether city, county, state or federal, and then look to see if there is a Libertarian running for office. Find out where they stand on what’s important to you, and if you find you’re of like minds, work to put them in office.

You can be an agent of true Change, not the change that was promised us by President Obama that turned out to be ‘something else’.

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