Diet, Self-Control, and Will Power

back in August of this year I made a stunning discovery – I had gotten fat. Not just a little pudgy, but downright FAT. I weighed 330 pounds, more than double what I weighed when I got out of High School.

It really seemed like a new revelation, as if it had just suddenly happened. I remember thinking I was a little heavy, maybe could stand to diet. I even started doing Atkins several years ago, and I did lose weight, and kept it off as long as I followed the lifestyle. Then it all came back, plus some!

In addition to gaining the weight I seem to have gotten shorter. One of the Chiroprator’s I spoke with says if I get back to a normal weight range, I may be able to get the height back. We’ll see.

So, In August I was up to 330+. I started paying attention to what I was eating, and started dropping a few pounds, very slowly over the next few weeks. The I remembered something a friend had told me abut back in Aptil or May, a diet he was on, and he had been dropping weight Fast. Majorly fast. So I checked in with him, he had at that time dropped 86 pounds so far this year. 70 of that between April and August, so I took notes, got the literature, invested the time and the few dollars needed, and Labor Day weekend, started down the hCG Diet trail.

Taking homeopathic drops 3 times a day, for 40 days. Eating a strict 500 calorie a day diet, only allowed specific foods in specific combinations. I thought it sounded crazy, bt I had seen proof it worked. I just didn’t think I could eat so little. Boy, was I ever wrong. My problem turned out to be easting so much! Some days I have had to force myself to eat.

I lost 35+ pounds that first 40 days. Then I started the next Phase of the diet, and fell flat on my face… didn’t stick to protocol, went way off base… gained back 17 pounds in 6 weeks.

I started a new round, back to Phase 2 (the first phase really) weighed in at 302 pounds, loaded on 2 more pounds the first 2 days (supposed to do that) so I was at 304+ on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.

I sit here, 26 days later, at just over 273 pounds. I have lost over 30 pounds in 26 days, and we start Phase 3 tomorrow. This time I will stick to the protocol for the next 21 days and start a new Phase 2 on January 14th.

I had to buy a new belt today, my last one had 7 notches on it, and back in August I was wearing it on the very first one… this past week, despite wearing it on hole 7, it was still loose. Over 6 inches gone off my waist along with the 56+ total pounds I have lost in what will be 18 weeks on Christmas day.

Next P2 round will be another 40 day round. Armed with what I have learned this past round, I can at least make a pound a day I think, or damned close to it. So I am expecting to end the round with 38-40 pounds gone. As long as I maintain this P3, that means I should be at roughly 240 pounds. 20 pounds from my goal!

At 6’3″ (6’2″ right now, need that back fixed!) 220 will be just fine. But damn, I have to buy a lot of new clothes!


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