Illinois’ Governor doesn’t seem to get how math works

Governor Pat Quinn recently stated that we need to keep this ‘temporary’ income tax increase, and make it permanent. While making that statement he also said that Illinois had PAID DOWN it’s debt by 5 Billion dollars over the past few years.

“This is a turning point in Illinois fiscal history. We’ve been able to pay down our bills by $5 billion in the last few years. Our economy is doing better. It’s so important that we have a budget that moves our state forward,” he said.”

That little tidbit of information might be nice to hear, except that in June of 2012 the Illinois Auditor, Gerald Holland, released a report saying that Illinois’ budget deficit had reached 43.8 billion dollars, double what it had been 5 years previous.

In March of this year (2014) Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka released a report that put the Illinois deficit at 45 Billion An increase of 1.2  billion over the past 2 years.

Governor Quinn may be technically correct, we may have paid 5 billon worth of debt off in the past few years, but it appears we have still managed to dig ourselves deeper in the red despite that fact.

I’m giving the man a D for math, and a B+ for political spin.

Obviously his tactics are not working, and it’s time to replace him with someone with new ideas. Ideas that will work.

Illinoisans, you have a choice, and the right to choose. Take a look this year at Chad Grimm, you can find his Facebook page HERE

While you’re at it, take a look at the rest of the Libertarian Candidates for Illinois in 2014 HERE

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