Okay then….

Okay, so most of my posts never make it to the public… they’re for me… kind of a diary… stuff I don’t feel it necessary to share with the world… someone informed me this morning that this is not the purpose of a ‘blog.

So, that being determined, I’ll ramble more at the public, it’s not like anyone really reads this stuff anyway.

I’m experimenting today with a new desktop editor for blogging, it’s called Zoundry Raven. Theoretically it will make things easier for me…and allow me to save local copies of my stuff so I can work on it even when I don’t have a ‘net connection. This post is really more to test this out than anything else…..

It’s been a few months since my last public post… and things have been up and down since then. My Father passed away in the early, early hours of the morning on February 19th. We were there only because of a charge nurse at Stillwater Medical in Stillwater, OK, who happened to be honest enough, and sure enough of herself to tell me that if I wanted to see my father again before he passed that I needed to get on the road. So, a 7 hour drive later we got there in time to see him one last time. It was, obviously, a very sad time for the family, but I am still thankful for that nurse, and really wish I had thought to get her name so I could have thanked her personally.

The only other real down this year, has been some almost crippling sciatica. Just before the trip to OK, and right up until this past weekend, I have been spending all my time in pain, and not the good kind… but it seems to have been relieved now… it’s back to manageable and getting better every day.

March 27th… my grandson’s 4th birthday! Kids are so much fun when they are someone else’s and you can send them home when they wear you out! Little man is a Sponge Bob fanatic… so Sponge Bob was the theme of the day for his party on Sunday…. the kids had a blast… I am not so sure about the adults…

Work is still work, but thanks to some changes in the management structure I don’t have to be out of town every time I turn around! I don’t have as much to do at the office, and I find myself thinking sideways more… looking at new things, new processes, some to do with what I am currently doing, but a lot to do with moving in new directions, towards other goals, and other career paths within the IT spectrum… Project management, VM, or networking…. I think that’s my new direction… Helpdesk/Desktop Support is finally getting old….

So, enough rambling for now…


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