People go over the top sometimes when it comes to politics

I just accidently engaged in idiocy. I mistakenly argued, pointlessly, with a Republican fanboi. I understand supporters, yea, but people who just blindly leap in and defend their political idols without paying attention scare me.

I complain about multiple robo calls, which I had requested be stopped. My requests were ignored, so I went to the candidates Facebook page and complained, vehemently. The response from the fanboi? ‘Everyone else does it’.  That is not an acceptable excuse. We’re talking about a guy wanting t run for Governor of Illinois. If he does what ‘everyone else does’ in that regard, then we can expect him to run the state further into the ground, and end up in prison. That seems to be what most of our recent previous governors have done.

I suppose though, that since ‘everyone else does it’ that the fanboi will consider that to be okay.

I wouldn’t have paid much attention to him if he hadn’t claimed he could ‘see right through me’ and implied I was some sort of liberal democrat… at that point I realized I was dealing with some sort of mentally unbalanced individual. He did indicate he was from Chicago though, and any Republican living in Chicago and having to deal with the crazy bullshit that is the Democrats up there is entitled to being a little unhinged.

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