Recruiters suck

I am not actively seeking other employment, but, like a lot of other people, I keep my resume up to date on and Just in case, ya know?

Sadly, some headhunting agencies take advantage of this. They troll the sites, harvesting email addresses and then spam you with useless crap.


  Nothing, I repeat NOTHING in my resume in any way indicates that I have an interest in selling insurance, or being a financial advisor, or any thing of the sort. Yet I get emails constantly for these things.

   The really good ones start out “I recently saw your resume online…” then they start this pitch for something that has nothing to do with my resume.. I have been working in IT for 20ish years. Mostly in a support role, helpdesk, desktop, etc. The last 6 years have all been in management, and some time prior to that in Lead capacities. The other day I got an offer to look at t application developer position. I have no professional experience in programming of any sort, but she said she saw my resume. I replied, letting her know she may have seen it, but she sure as hell hadn’t bothered to read it!

   I get it from the insurance and financial advisor folks, they’re dirtbags, trying to suck you in with promises of big payouts, but first you have to pay them a  fee for training, and licensing, etc… don’t get me wrong here, not all insurance agents, or financial advisors are bad people, just the scum-buckets who run these recruiting schemes. From them, I expect spam, and zero attention to my resume, they don’t care, they just want to rope me in, take my money and move on. Real IT recruiters though? You’d think they would pay attention, yet obviously not… and it happens far to often to be a mistake.


  So, my new rule, I delete them all unread. There’s a slim, minute, chance that I might delete THE email, the one with the perfect job, the one of my dreams, in it… but 1/1000000 of 1% of the emails I receive are the ones that will happen on.

   I’ve taken to blacklisting these people at the server level every time I get a new email in from one of them. This way no more of their messages even get to my inbox, saving me from deleting them.

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