Resolutions? I’m still working mine!

So, the first of the year has come and gone. Everyone has made their resolutions, and most of you have broken them already.

Don’t make that face, you know it’s true. Most of the resolutions made were forgotten within the first 3 days of the year. So, here it is, January 15th, and I’m still working on mine! My resolution this year is simple. I want to reach 220 pounds, by the end of May. What was my weight on New Year ‘s Day? 275 pounds.

How do I intend to lose 55 pounds by Memorial Day? Simple, the same way I lost 55 pounds between Labor Day and Christmas! The most common name for the diet I am on is The hCG Diet. Some of you will recognize that name. There is a lot of chatter about it if you look around, use Google, you’ll find it. Some of the feedback is good, some is bad.

Personally, I think the bad press comes from just a few of types of people. Those who have never tried it, but think they know everything (we all know at least one of those people), those who tried it, but lacked the willpower, or the simple ability to follow instructions, and those who are busily trying to promote something else, something usually less successful, and they can’t stand to see something this easy come along and ruin their chance at a profit.

The beloved Before & After pics that seem to accompany every miracle weight loss ad you see. Only thing is, I’m not selling anything, and these are not ‘posed’ in fact, I had to dig around to find a before shot to share. I hate getting my picture taken, and hated it even more when I weighed over 330 pounds! The ‘after’ pic is not really after, it’s just a halfway pic. One of my sibs snapped it on Christmas Eve at my place.

On the left is Memorial Day Weekend, 2010, shot at a friend’s wedding. The middle shot was taken at Sony Studios in August 21, 2010, I was at about 330 pounds then. The last shot, on the right was taken Christmas Eve, 2010 at 275 pounds – None of them flattering, but you can see the difference between the 2nd and 3rd pictures.

We’re talking drastic change here. A Change that needed to be made. Two weeks after I started this diet my Doctor took me off of my blood pressure meds, pills I had been taking for several years. I have not needed them since. I’ve had lab work done, to be sure everything checks out well, and all is fantastic. I am due to be checked again in mid-March. When my Doc saw me last I had only lost about 30 pounds total. He is in for a surprise! He has seen me try to lose weight before, watched as I struggled from one fad to another, never losing more than 10-15 pounds before the weight started coming back. I am starting another round of the diet this weekend, so by the time I see the Doc 2 months from now, I should we another 30-35 pounds less than I do now. So I will be 60-65 pounds lighter than when he saw me at the end of September.

Now that I am settled in and comfortable with the diet, I’ll be posting more info, sharing, and hoping it might help some other folks. I know I have gotten a lot of compliments lately on this, and a lot of questions about the diet and how to go about it.

Cya soon


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