Sense of Entitlement?

I take the train to work most days. My wife and I drive together to the Fairview Heights station (in Fairview Heights, IL of course) and catch the Metrolink. She hops off downtown to get to her office, I ride on out to Clayton to get to mine.

We know the train schedule, and what time we need to be at the station to catch certain trains. We see the same people most days, but what amuses me is the people that can hear the driver announce “Train leaving in one minute”, who then continue to mosey along, not increasing their pace, just assuming that they are so Important, that the driver will wait for them. Then they look pissed off when the train leaves without them. I’ve seen people yelling and waving their arms, usually with the one finger salute extended, because a driver did not wait.

These people seem to think they are somehow special, Entitled, and that the rest of us, who were on time, should be made to wait, because they are too damned lazy to run, and too special to wait 6 minutes for the next train.


To all of them, I just want to say, Fuck You, you’re not that damned special. if you’re not somehow handicapped, and incapable of running, then you get what you deserve if you don’t move your lazy ass a little, show some hustle, and catch that train. Better yet, try leaving the house 5 minutes earlier.You know the train leaves at 6:54, you know there’s construction going on, you KNOW it takes you 15 minutes to get to the station, and 2 to walk across the lot. You know Crap happens, and you need a buffer. So leave your house at 6:30, not 6:40 and maybe you’ll catch the 6:54. If you don’t, too bad, wait for the 7:00!

Lack of planning on your part does NOT constitute an emergency on the part of the rest of us. We should not be penalized because you had to have that second cup of coffee, Get a Damned Go-Cup and drink it on the way!

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