The Prophecies Series, written by Michael A Rothman

It’s not often I find a new book that can keep me awake half the night because I just can’t put it down. Even more rare is the one I refuse to go to sleep until I’ve finished it. I’ve just discovered a whole trilogy that fits that description.

The Prophecies Series by Michael A. Rothman is captivating from the first chapter to the last. Three books in 3 1/2 days, highly unusual for me anymore, I’ve always got too much else going on. I could rattle on and on about the books here, on my unread little webspace, but I’d rather share a few links, and let you judge for yourself.

Amazon Page Page

Facebook Page

Michael Rothman’s Blog

Check those out, and then grab a copy of the first book, Heirs of Prophecy by clicking HERE for the Hardback or HERE for the Kindle Edition

When you realize how Great they are, here are the other two.. Tools of Prophecy and Lords of Prophecy


I refuse to be responsible for any accidents you may have due to lack of sleep.. but I will cheerfully take responsibility for the smile on your face while you enjoy this treat.


There is a prequal in the works as well, I’m looking forward to it.



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