Tuesday… better than Monday, right?

So… Facebook? Is it really a place for people to argue and air their grievances? Help me to understand this….

Would you stand in the middle of the mall and scream at your sister? Engage in a full blown name-calling contest, and just act plain ignorant?

I don’t think so… well, at least most people wouldn’t.

So what is it about Facebook, and MySpace, and all these other sites that make people act this way?

So now two of my sisters have chosen to engage in this new hobby… and act offended when others in the family tell them to knock it off. It’s bad when my daughter has to be the one to tell her aunt’s they are acting childish… and all because one sister feels slighted because the other chose to follow through on her own plans rather than doing something with sister #1’s family.

Crap… I have 12 sisters! Do you know how maddening this could be if they all acted that way?

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