What a long crazy week…

Wow, a weekend to relax a bit… well, except for the wife dragging me out to shop a bit, but it’s that time of year right?

It’s been long hectic week, trying to get the last of the annual reviews done for my teams, make sure I talk to everyone, etc, then came down with a bug and had to be out Tuesday… off to Chicago Wed/Thu, and back to St Louis to wrap things up on Friday…

By the way, 20 below zero wind chill in Chicago sucks, not that it doesn’t suck anywhere else, but I was in it in Chicago, and the 6 block walk from the hotel to the office was miserable!

Speaking of Chicago, I found a new place to grab dinner Wednesday evening, I was looking for something different and someone suggested Miller’s Pub on Wabash. It turned out to be excellent. I’d recommend it to anyone, anytime.

babbling as usual, just killing time on a Saturday morning before the grandson and I head out to shop and then drop him off at home. Turns out 3 year olds are okay to have around when you can give them back… I’m sure I wouldn’t want one of my own again, but having Jayden around is fun… even if he does wear me out.


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